Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Euro Dollar confirmed down trend ?

Down trend confirmed in the Euro Dollar ?
Gut feelings says yes !
But, we are oversold, so do not expect a straight "clean downtrend" 

We need good news from Twitter

Twitter fighting real hard to remain above "B" (see ABC pattern)
Earnings right after the close today, so expect some volatility
Taking a very short term put option @35, and a mid term call option @42.5

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Nasdaq 100 QQQ chart update

Quick look at QQQ with its 5,50, and 200 EMA
50 EMA is connected to that current trend you see
Price spread, current price vs its 200 EMA is what you should worry about

SLV Silver ETF update

Using a basic trading system, 5,50,200 EMA
The 50 EMA acted as a support
I like the fact that the 50 is getting closer to the 200, but we are not there yet!
Technicals are improving, let's now see if we can close above the 200 next week

Is the Dollar back ?

$USD Dollar index showing clear signs of strength, coming out of a long "base pattern".
Will this be another fake move?
Can the $USD be trading higher while Silver and Gold are also showing signs of strength ?

Is Amazon (AMZN) facing a ABC pattern?

Amazon (AMZN) is facing an inverted ABC pattern
Lower highs, plus price reversal @ B confirms B level
A is clear, we now need a break below A to confirm C
Price target highly probable, specially with such a high PE ratio

Friday, July 25, 2014

Dollar Shekel chart analysis

$USD Dollar Shekel monthly analysis
Monthly lower highs confirm long term down trend, but we are way way oversold ...
Time to bounce up and confirm this long term higher lows pattern (light green arrows)
Expecting a BIG move in the weeks to come

Turkey ETF (TUR)

Turkey ETF (TUR) seems to be back on track
Gut feeling, slightly overbought, expecting a pull back, leading to a sideway pattern, possible re test of its 50 EMA

ETF to watch next week

IWM , Small Caps ETF, weekly chart posted, main trend sticks to its 50 weekly SMA.
Probable double top pattern, watch a possible break of that trend/moving average next week, and focus on that last key support
I don't see a "crash", but long wide sideway pattern on the way

How does Apple make so much money?

Is Twitter facing an ABC pattern

Is Twitter (TWTR) facing an ABC pattern ?
You often read on this blog that I refer to a pattern I call the ABC pattern, You can call it the 123 pattern as well, does not matter, its just a simple pattern that works pretty well "AFTER" (notice the big after) a major up or down trend
There is a logical reason behind this simple pattern, yes people, news, fundamentals, real catalysts are needed to change the "big picture".
In mid June the pattern started to take shape, then heading to "A" where the good news came out.
Price pulled back to find a reliable support? At "B"
The B level seems to confirm that former Gap level ; So how reliable is B? We shall soon find out.
C basically means that price breaks above A, thus confirming a real bullish reversal

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Egypt is back on track

Notice how its market was in favour of Abdel Fattah el-Sissi?
Real Estate prices are really cheap, specially around well known tourist places

Investing in REITs

Is IYR facing a double top or a clear long term break out? 

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Focusing on Euro Dollar and Silver

Euro Dollar facing a major move ahead soon !
$USD Dollar index is showing real strength
How will that affect Silver and Gold ?
What do investors trust when the world goes crazy? Gold and Silver? Or the almighty Dollar?